Mitigating Injected Privilege: Guide to fighting a chemical transmasculine patriarchy, part 1

Wow, transmasculine folks on T really do have this increased visibility.  I mean, think about it. When was the last time you saw publicly speaking a transmasculine-identified person who wasn’t on T?  It’s SO RARE.  TransMasc folks might not realize it, and most almost certainly didn’t ask for it, but they realllllly do get a lot of legitimacy in their words/writings just from their choices to take hormones for 3 reasons.

1) The standard sexist way of men are more believed than women.

2) The “they must really be trans because they can’t go back and be a woman now” effect

3) The “sideshow” effect (straight people wanting to look at them because they are amazed by how amazing they look)

Now, I’m not saying that transfolks intend this, because these are all things bestowed upon them unwillingly by the male supremacy in our culture.  BUT, just as an antisexist man in our culture is expected to be aware of and counteract the silencing and discrediting of women, visibly passing transmen (e.g. those on T) in our culture need to fight the silencing and general lack-of-visibility of no-ho or alternate path transfolks.

That means, for every straight white transmale on T I see on a pride stage, I need to see a different identity – folks of color, transwomen, genderqueer folks, genderfuck folks, no-ho folks, etc.

I’m tired of the idea that we are all in this together on a similar plane and that any earned visibility that trans folks on T get isn’t really a privilege and doesn’t raise them above me in the eyes of cis/straight people.  Indeed, we are all in this together, so long as you don’t leave behind those who don’t benefit from your newfound male privilege.

And if all that seems unnerving for you, please don’t forget that I have all the love and respect for the transmasculine folks out there on T.  My position is that going on T is becoming the norm, and we are at risk of leaving our greater trans or transmasculine community behind who don’t have the same access to these procedures <3.  Or don’t want to alter their bodies in that way.


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